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Keep this flyer size guide handy as you go on creating new marketing materials. Knowing which size to use and when to use it ensures that your message is seen, no matter where it’s seen.
The most popular standard size for flyer printing is 4″ x 6″ and 8.5″ x 11″. Each of which has its pros and cons. We will explain why people often go with these sizes despite over 20 available sizes in the market.

Why people avoid ordering Big Letter size flyers:

  • Expensive to print and ship
  • Don’t grab as much reading attention as a smaller, straight to the point marketing material
  • Harder to design
  • Once handed out to a prospective client, it’s hard to keep in pockets or wallet as it is too big for ease of carrying.
  • When ordering a Letter Size Flyers, it is obvious that a lot more work and information will be carried in it. Sometimes, people are lazy to read a big chunk of text, this is why we encourage them to keep the design light of text and rich in images and straight to the point with the message or promotion

Why Do You Need a Flyer?

In this digital era, most businesses are choosing high-tech marketing techniques for themselves. In this situation, most people wonder whether flyers are really important.

Flyers are one of the quickest ways to reach your customer base. These well-designed papers offer bursts of information to potential customers. If you want some information to spread quickly in a certain region, then flyers should be your primary choice. Here are a couple of ways you can use the flyers.

  • Use the flyer for informing your customers about a sale.
  • Let everyone know about the new business you are just starting.
  • Stir up an engaging conversation with your loyal and potential customers.
  • Advertise important information, like who you are, what do you do, and what are products and services you are offering.
  • Flyers are a great tool for announcing an upcoming event.
  • These printed marketing materials are also one of the easiest ways to give coupon codes to your customers.


What Is The Best Paper Size for Printing The Flyers?

It is one of the factors that most businesses want to know about the flyers. Paper is, perhaps, one of the most important factors for the printed flyers. While designing a flyer for your customers, your primary goal is to print something your customers will pick up and take with them.

The biggest advantage of the print flyers is the fact that it is physical. Your customers can take the flyers up in their hands and keep them in the bags to check out later. If you choose the right type and quality of flyer printing paper, you will definitely hook the customers’ attention.

Paper Sizes That Works Well With The Flyers

If you want to rush print a bunch of small flyers, you should not go lower than A7 paper size. Thanks to their small size, these flyers should only be used when you are promoting an offer. When your customers purchase something from your store, you can also put the flyers of these sizes inside their shopping bags. This kind of marketing strategy offers additional marketing opportunities. As the space of these flyers is limited, you should keep your message short and simple.


A6 is perhaps the most popular paper size that people use for flyers. Compared to the A7 papers, A6 ones offer more space for promoting the messages of your business. You can also use the A6 paper for promoting your special offers to the customers who have just bought something from your store.

A5 is yet another option you can get while rush printing your standard flyer size. This size of paper offers you a lot of space for explaining your messages. Flyers of this paper size are cost-effective and can easily get the attention of your potential customers. If you are thinking about printing your flyers for a trade show or door leaflet, you can choose this paper size without thinking twice about it.


It is the largest paper size that the companies use for printing marketing flyers for their businesses. This paper size creates a threshold that separates the posters and the flyers. If you choose a paper size bigger than this, you will be nearer to the dimensions suited for creating posters. The flyers should be something that you can grab on the go and take with you. If you choose a larger flyer, you might not get the same kind of response as the shorter flyers.

Square Papers
To stand out from the rest of the competition, you should consider using square-shaped papers for rush printed flyers. This shape can come in handy as their shapes and sizes will stand out against the regular posts.

The most Popular Flyer Sizes Used for Print Marketing

As we have already explained, there are different sizes of papers that you can use for flyer marketing. However, there are options available in the market that can help you to reach your goal. For that, you have to customize the shape and the size of the cheap flyer prints according to your business requirements. If you choose the less common sizes, you may have to pay some extra amount of money. However, the popular and common sizes and shapes of printed flyers may not cost just as much.

To know whether the company offers cheap flyer printing services, you need to talk to professionals. The following guide will help you to communicate with them about your requirements. It will also help you understand the custom printing process better.

Standard Flyers (Letter Size)
Standard flyers are one of the most versatile marketing tools that you can use for your business. These flyers can create a huge impact on customers. The best thing about this printed standard flyer size is that you can hang it in your store or distribute it to your potential customers by hand. You can also fold the flyer up and mail it to your customer base.

But before deciding on the standard flyer size, you need to get familiar with your audience. It will help you to determine where they spend most of their time. It will help you to find out the spot where you should start the flyer circulation operation.

Take parents as your potential buyers, for example. You can reach the parents of different ages in various coffee shops, local grocery stores, and libraries. So, if you want to target the parents, these are the best places to start the venture.

There are hundreds of different ways of employing a standard-sized flyer. Here, we have described a couple of them.

For Promoting Events, Sales and a New Product
The standard-sized flyers offer you more space. This extra space makes it easier for you to hook the attention of potential customers. The extra space also enables you to use larger images and bigger headlines while designing the flyer. Not only that, the extra space helps you to put all the important information about your business that you want to convey to your customers.

You can use the standard flyer size for promoting newly launched products or an upcoming business event well ahead of time. There is something strange about flyer marketing. The studies have shown that people are less likely to trash the flyers right away. That means the chances of your potential customers actually reading the information in your flyer is higher.

Connect With New Customers
It does not matter which type of business you run, always use the rush print flyers to connect to new customers. You just need to find a suitable place for distributing the flyers. Once you do that, the colorful and attractive designs will hook the attention of your customers. Most of the time, flyers present an immediate solution to the customers, which leads them to your business right away.

Details of Your Upcoming Campaign

The portability and shape of the standard-sized flyers make it the perfect tool for inviting customers. So, if you want to make people aware of a church event or spread awareness among the voters, handing out flyers can help you become successful in a short span. Utilize the cheap flyer printing services in the right way to maintain the quality of these marketing materials.

The Postcard Sized Flyers
4″ X 6″ postcard-sized flyers are the best possible way to get in touch with your customer base through the mail. These flyers are small enough to fit in the purses or bags of people. That means you customers can carry this type of flyers without making many people aware of it. However, as these flyers are smaller, you need to be careful about their designs. Images with big text blocks or minuscule details can appear squished.

Like standard-sized flyers, there are many ways of effectively using postcard-sized flyers.

Restaurant Take Out Menu
In the last few years, the popularity of take-out services was increasing. The current pandemic has pushed matters further. Now, instead of coming to restaurants, most people order take-out. You can grab this opportunity and use the postcard-sized flyers. Printing the menu on these rush print flyers and mailing ensures that your restaurant menu is always available to your customers. to enhance the number of sales, you should add coupon codes on the menu as an incentive.

Travel Guides and Packages

Studies have shown that vacation booking through travel agents has enhanced in the United States significantly. Use the postcard-sized flyers to promote the vacations or the services you are offering to potential customers. You should also print coupon codes on the flyer to encourage your audience to visit your business.

Marketing Handouts

Business events are one of the most valuable marketing channels. You can meet your potential customers face to face at these events. After that, the postcard-sized flyers can help your potential customers to remember your business. The postcard-sized flyers are perfect for the occasion as it fits the swag bags of the guests perfectly.

Half Sheet Flyers
These 5.5″ X 8.5″ flyers are one of the most popular varieties. The cheap printing cost is why businesses love to use this kind of flyers the most. As the name suggests, the half sheet flyers only use half of the standard printing paper. That means, at the same price of printing a standard-sized flyer, you will be able to avail of two half sheet flyers. So, if budget is a big concern for your marketing ventures, you can always choose these.

Here are a couple of ways you can use the half sheet flyers.

Inserts of Church Bulletin

The half-sheet flyers are small enough to fit inside the bi-fold church bulletin brochure perfectly. You can use these flyers inside the bulletin, to invite people to volunteer or attend a conference. The church bulletin brochure fold is also perfect for promoting events, like bible camps, trips for youth missions, etc.

Event and Party Flyers

You can promote your party or event with the help of the half sheet flyers. The size is perfect for distribution among different people. It also offers plenty of space so that you can put in all the important details. Just keep things simple, and you will reach your marketing goal in no time.

Activity Flyers

Use the half sheet flyers for encouraging students and their parents to attend the back-to-school activity that you have launched. Use these flyers to spread information about sports teams or clubs as well. You can also place these half-sheet flyers inside the backpacks and the folders to inform parents and students about the opportunity available out of the schooling system.

Tips for Designing the Best Flyer

Most people think that the standard flyer size is what catches the attention of the audience the most. While the importance of the flyer size is undeniable, it is not the single factor that demands the attention of the customers. The design of flyers plays a huge role in making sure that your targeted audience gets the message. It is perhaps the most efficient weapon you have to make people aware of your brand and its quality of services.

The design of the flyers has a direct link with the quality of services it offers. Smartly designed flyers often represent professional services. To maintain the expectations of your customers, keep the following factors in mind while designing the flyers.

Spacing and Colors
While designing custom and cheap flyers printing, most people think, using bright colors is the only way to catch the eyes of the audience. But that is not the case. In reality, the color contrast and choice drive the attention of your potential customers to a rush printed flyer.

If you can master the perfect composition and color combination, even a simple black and white flyer can be as effective as a flyer with a bright red color. While designing flyers, make sure to use your brand colors. You can also check the theories of color psychology to take the maximum advantage of the effect of bright and beautiful colors on our minds.

Clear Images
Draw the attention of your audience with the help of compelling images. The images will help you illustrate your services or products and generate an emotional response.

Powerful Content
Make sure that your text has an eye-catching and clear headline. The space available in the rush print flyers varies according to their size. So, you have to plan its content smartly. Keep the texts concise and create an eye-catch headline. The body of the content should explain your marketing goal in crisp and fluid language.

Call to Action
You need to include a call-to-action text in your flyers. The call-to-action content prods the audience to take the next step. It can also help you fulfill your marketing goal. Research your target audience to find the most relevant and persuasive language for the call-to-action text. Make sure to choose the phrase that offers crystal clear directions to your customers.

Contact Information
Make sure to include your company name, logo, website address, and phone number in the flyer. Include relevant information, like hours of operations and business address, depending on your flyer marketing goals.

Why People Order The Postcard Size Flyers More?
There are more than twenty sizes of flyers available in the market. Still, most businesses prefer printed postcard flyers over others. Have you ever thought about why that is? Here are some of the reasons for which people like to pick postcard-sized flyers.

These flyers are pocket-friendly compared to others.
The size of the flyer is suitable for handing it out to the target audience.
You do not need to fold the flyer to give it a more convenient shape.
The mailing services also prefer the flyers in postcard size.
Designing these flyers is easier and can be completed within a shorter span.
Rush printed flyers are one of the top traditional print marketing techniques that still work for small businesses, schools, churches, etc. The flyers also offer them a chance to be creative. You can design the flyers on your own or talk to professional flyer printing services to complete the job. Choose the standard flyer size according to the goal of your flyer marketing to achieve the maximum effect.

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